Concrete pump hire

Benefits of concrete pump

  • Easy to carry mixed concrete to the area where it is needed
  • Clean and an efficient process. No mess of cement, sand and concrete
  • Pumping concrete saves time and effort to carry the mixed concrete
  • Concrete pump is an economical tool and saves a lot on manual cost to carry the concret
  • Onsite concrete mixture truck is custom built truck to attach with concrete pump to support our clients to save their time and cost
  • Narrow paths and heights are not an issue for us. A concrete pump pumps the concrete at the places where it seems impossible to transport the concrete.
Concrete pump

Concrete pump for you

In construction industry, nowadays space for construction process is reduced. Big machinery does not fit at the workplace. Due to lack of space it is not possible to employ more and more people at work as it is costly too. As an alternative to cut labour cost and finish the job on-time smart equipments are needed. We offer concrete pumps to eradicate restrictions of distance, height or small corridors and enable us to supply the concrete at each corner of your premises at the workplace. According to the space availability and requirements we have different types of concrete pumps. A Concrete pump is a machine that pumps the cement concrete mixture to its destination. No need to have Wheelbarrow to carry mixed concrete from mixture to the area to use concrete.

Types of concrete pump

Ready mix concrete / On-site mixed concrete can be easily pumped to the place where it is needed using an appropriate concrete pump. We provide smart concrete pump and experienced pump operators. We are able to offer:
a) Boom pump
b) Line pump
In different situations different type of concrete pump is required. Please contact our team for selection. Our services are available in Reading, Slough, Luton and London including Hounslow, Westdrayton, Yeading, Ealing, Greenford and central London.

Concrete pumping by Desi Ready Mix Concrete

We offer concrete pump mounted on a truck easy to transport to your site. We have long pipes to pump the concrete to the unreachable corners of your premesis. Our hydrolic pumps are most efficient to provide pumping service.