Construction concrete

Benifits of onsite concrete mix

  • Cement concrete has a high compressive strength.
  • Due to high density and low pour ratio makes concrete, a corrosion resistance material and atmospheric agents have minimal effect on it.
  • It hardens with age the process of hardening continues for years after the concrete has attained sufficient strength.
  • It is more economical with more compression strength than steel.
  • Cement concrete with reinforced steel provides tensile strength with the design to the concrete.
  • The strength of the concrete depends upon its constituents and their ratio. The people handling it also have direct impact on its strength.
  • The cement concrete can be porous due to the presence voids. The solution to this problem is proper grading, consolidating of the aggregates and water-cement ratio.
On site concrete mixture truck

Ready Mix Concrete

Desi Ready Mix Concrete Limited is a concrete contractor company has computer calibrated mixture machines and provides raw material and concrete pump as you need. All services are tailored to your needs. Our professionals guide you to select right materials and target to the time span that you need at your job location. Our services area is, but not limited to all over London and surrounding areas such as Southall, Hayes, Harrow, Hounslow, Kingston, Langley, Slough, Reading, Luton, Berkshire and arround.

Just pay for what you use.

Concrete in CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY is back bone of the buildings. Nowadays walls, pillars and foundations are being build with ”Construction Concrete“ for durability, strength, quality and quick service. Desi Ready Mix uses special technology and skills for mixing concrete with computer calibrated concrete mixtures. Small home mixture machine can not provide you the same quality of mixture throughout the production. We provide ready mix concrete by mixing it at your site. While we mix concrete, we care for your needs, quality and the quantity you need. This is why we grantee that no wastage and "Pay for what you use".

Desi Readymix provides the best construction concrete

Desi Ready mix Limited is a concrete supplier company / concrete contractor company which is responsible for providing you best ready mix concrete in Slough. Our experienced and professional team help you to choose right mixture and provide you On-site concrete at the time you need it. We serve clients all over the London including Reading and Luton area.