On-site screed mix

Floor screed

Screed is a filler material for floors. It is used to make plain the surface for the further finishing like covering it with flooring tiles, carpets or carpet tiles. Sometimes admixtures are needed to enhance its properties like fibre to improve its load bearing capability and surface appearance.

Most ready mix screeds are made from a 1:3 to 1:4.5 ratio of cement to sand and concrete. Enhanced screeds include additives to improve the properties of the standard screed. This can allow for faster drying times and extra strength if required. It enhances the appearance of the floors, their smoothness.

Desi Ready Mix Limited is a concrete supplier company and supplying you best ready mix screed in London, Luton and Reading and surrounding area. Our experienced and professional team help you to choose right mixture and provide you On-site screed mixed at the time you need it.

On site concrete mixture truck

Self-leveling screed

Manufacturers also offer self-levelling screeds that can be pumped through a delivery hose and levelled with a dappling bar. The majority of these ready mix screeds are anhydrite compounds based on a calcium sulphite binder. Large areas can be covered more quickly, however, care must be taken to ensure this type of screed dries completely and it can be susceptible to water damage, so is not the most suitable screed for external or permanently wet areas.

Calibrated mixed screed

Desi ready mix provides computer calibrated mixture machine, raw material and concrete pump at your door step. All services are tailored to your needs. Our professionals guide you to select right materials and target to the time span that you need at your job location. Our services area is all over London and surrounding areas such as Slough, Reading, Luton, Kingston, Langley and others.

We provide different types of screed:

  • Bonded screed
  • Un-bounded screed
  • Floating screed
  • Screed under-floor heating

Bonded screed

This type of screed is fully bonded using a primer or a bonding agent to the substrate. Bonding is used for the thinner ready mix screeds where heavey loading is expected. The optimum thickness of a sand and cement bonded screed is generally between 25-40mm. Some calcium sulphate flowing bt the screeds can be laid at a minimum depth of 12mm.

Un-bounded screed

Such type of screed is used over the damp proof membrane laid on top of the concrete base. The minimum thickness of an unbonded screed is usually 50mm. We use calcium sulphate at the minimum depth of 30mm. Using unbonded screed, floor does not directly contact to the structure. Unbonded screed dries quickly which can be prevented by have minimum recommended thickness of the screed. That what our professionals can guide you for future success.

Floating screed

The ready mix screed is laid on top of insulation to create a thermally efficient floor. Floating screeds are commonly used where underfloor heating systems are provided or thermal or acoustic insulation is required.